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Early Communication

Communication involves making a connection with someone in order to effectively get your message across (verbally and non-verbally), and to be able to interpret your communication partner (verbally and non-verbally). Early indications that children are having difficulties with communication may include: decreased attention to faces/eye contact/social smiling/back and forth babbling/responding to name and delayed understanding and use of pointing.

Speech therapy plans are individually considered according to the needs and wishes of the child and family, but in the early stages may include approaches such as Hanen* and PECS*

As significant communication difficulties form the core of diagnosable conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, a speech therapy evaluation can provide insight to parents as to whether a further, full evaluation led by a Consultant-Paediatrician/Psychologist is advised.  

*certified trained Hanen practitioner    

*certified trained PECS practitioner (protocol developed by Pyramid Educational Consultants known as the Picture Exchange Communication System)  

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